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Rubino Estates Winery
April 21, 2023 | Rubino Estates Winery

Futures Night Barrels

Back to the Futures, our member exclusive event, happens tomorrow! This event will feature barrel tastings of 8 phenomenal Rubino Estates and Ruby Hill Wines. We are delighted to share the barrels that have been hand-selected by our talented team to be enjoyed at Futures Night. Guests of the event will have the opportunity to taste and pre-order these gorgeous wines!

Rubino Estates Riserva Sangiovese

Estimated bottling date: June 2023

Enjoy the bright red fruit character of this Italian classic! Our Riserva Sangiovese brings lively notes of cherry, strawberry, and raspberry to the palate, along with excellent food-friendly acidity. A light touch of tannin on the palate leads into a fruity, vanilla-accented finish after time in oak. Our Sangiovese is rustic, robust, and gorgeous, perfect at pizza night and elegant dinners alike. 

Rubino Estates Club Exclusive Ferrario

Estimated bottling date: June 2023

Enjoy a very rich and brooding aroma, with notes like chocolate, red fruit, plum and fig. Once barrel aging is complete, the palate releases a symphony of flavor, joined by a big mouthfeel, smooth tannins, and some spice. This wine was named in honor of Ernest Ferrario, an Italian immigrant, and proprietor of our Estate Vineyard from 1921-1975. Our winemaker crafted this wine exclusively for members of the Rubino Estates Wine Club. 

Rubino Estates Landmark Proprietary Red

Estimated bottling date: February 2024

Our rich and lush Proprietary Red is a favorite of many guests and members, with saturated and bright flavor. This top-secret blend is comprised of our most exceptional varietals from each vintage. The exact components are known only to our winemaker, who has crafted this unique wine especially for you! After barrel aging, the finished wine is bold and gorgeous with promise to age gracefully. 

Ruby Hill Reserve Peacock Patch Zinfandel

Estimated bottling date: June 2023

Look for jammy mixed fruit, flourishes of vanilla and spice, along with bright cherry notes. The Ruby Hill Peacock Patch Zinfandel earned its name from the ostentatious birds that strut through this block of our vineyard. These bright peacocks grace our iconic Zinfandel bottle. The vineyard block itself has gravelly soil, resulting in slightly stressed vines that produce grapes concentrated with flavor.

Ruby Hill Reserve Mirage

Estimated bottling date: June 2023

Savor this Barbera-forward blend with deep fruit notes, accents of cocoa, and ritzy gravitas. This lovely, lustrous, limited production blend is making a return after a four year interlude, and we are delighted to share it with our guests once more! Our Mirage is here today, but may be gone tomorrow, so pre-order yours tonight!   

Ruby Hill Club Exclusive Intesa

Estimated bottling date: June 2023

Taste a medley of black cherry, blackberry, and currant, with just a hint of toastiness from the barrel. “Intesa” means ”harmony” or “agreement” which  is an excellent representation of this blend. The Cabernet Sauvignon lends complexity of flavors and a rich, velvety mouthfeel. The Barbera component enriches the wine with black fruit flavors and boosts the acidity, making this wine especially fit for pairing.

Ruby Hill Jewel Zinfandel

Estimated bottling date: June 2023

Look for luscious jammy notes and fruit leather character. These notes are accented by hints of baking spice and fresh fruit. The Jewel Collection Series represents the epitome of winemaking at Ruby Hill. These wines are hand-crafted and sourced from our Estate Vineyard. Jesse, our winemaker, crafts this collection with meticulous care for the farming, gentle vinification, extended aging in carefully selected cooperage, and a lengthy bottle conditioning program.

Ruby Hill Jewel Cabernet Sauvignon

Estimated bottling date: June 2023

Aromas and flavors of blue fruit, subtle spice and herbs, and elegant vanilla accents. Critically acclaimed year after year, the Ruby Hill Jewel Cabernet Sauvignon is produced in very limited quantities so our winemaker can carefully monitor every aspect of its production. Expect a rich wine with great depth, complexity, and mouthfeel that will stand up well to aging but can also be enjoyed right after bottling.

Members: get your last-minute tickets for Back to the Futures here!

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Rubino Estates Winery
April 7, 2023 | Rubino Estates Winery

Classico Cast Iron Pizza

This month, we are celebrating our Salute Red, our signature easy-drinking red blend here at Rubino Estates. This fabulous wine is crafted from high-quality and delicious estate-grown fruit, fashioned to be the ideal pairing for all your favorite dishes. Of course, we especially enjoy Salute Red alongside classic Italian cuisine, especially pizza.

This week, we’re making the perfect at-home pizza recipe that’s approachable and downright delicious. Savor a crust that’s the perfect texture and combination of crispy and chewy, and basic toppings that transport you to Italy and leave you craving another slice. No pizza oven or special equipment is required, and you can enjoy this pizza in the comfort of home with a glass of Salute. Simplicity is the secret ingredient!

You are welcome to make this recipe your own, topping the pizza with other cheeses, red pepper flakes, pepperoni, green onions, mushrooms, sausage, and more. We recommend keeping it simple so your crust doesn’t get too soggy, but you can always give the crust a quick 5-minute pre-bake then add toppings. 

Cast Iron Skillet Pizza for Salute Red


  • 2 ½ cups all purpose flour, plus additional for dusting
  • ¾ tsp instant yeast
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • 1 tsp granulated sugar
  • 1 cup + 2 tbsp water
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • ¼ cup (scant) red sauce
  • Pinch of dried oregano and thyme
  • Fresh mozzarella, torn
  • Cherry tomatoes, halved
  • Parmesan cheese and fresh basil to garnish


  1. Add the flour, salt, sugar, and yeast to a large bowl. Stir with a wooden spoon to combine. Add the water and oil, and begin combining with a wooden spoon. Combine until a shaggy dough forms, then turn out onto a floured kneading surface. 
  2. Knead by hand for 10 minutes to develop the gluten proteins. The dough should be able to stretch thin without breaking. 
  3. Form the dough into a ball and place it in a lightly oiled bowl, making sure the entire surface of the dough is coated in oil. Cover with plastic wrap and let rest at room temperature for at least 2 hours. 
  4. Once the dough has rested, place a large cast iron skillet in the oven, then preheat the oven to 525℉. 
  5. Turn the rested dough out onto a lightly floured surface, and begin to roll out and stretch a circle the diameter of the skillet. 
  6. Place your pizza dough on a pizza peel dusted with cornmeal so it can slide easily. If you do not have a pizza peel, use a sheet of parchment paper.  
  7. Pour ¼ cup or less of your favorite red sauce in the center, and spread across the circle leaving roughly an inch of space around the edge. Sprinkle with dried oregano and thyme. Top with torn fresh mozzarella and cherry tomatoes. 
  8. Very carefully remove the skillet from the oven, and slide the pizza off the peel into the skillet. If using parchment, lower the pizza into the skillet then trim the excess parchment on the edges. 
  9. Return the skillet to the oven and bake at 525℉ for 3 minutes. Switch your oven setting to broil, and broil for 3 more minutes, checking regularly. 
  10. Once the crust begins to darken, remove the skillet from the oven. Allow the pizza to rest for a few minutes so the cheese sets, then top with basil if desired.

Click here for a downloadable recipe card!

This month, take some time to enjoy your favorite Italian cuisine alongside our Salute Red. On sale now for only $20 per bottle!


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