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Rubino Estates Winery
March 15, 2024 | Rubino Estates Winery

Pruning and Preparation: A Vineyard Update

If you look out into the estate vineyard this time of year, it might not look like much. The branches are bare, the vines from last season are pruned away, and all signs of leaves and fruit are long gone. However, though dormancy is dreary on the outside, marvelous things are happening. Scroll through this gallery, taking a virtual walk with us as we ponder what makes this season special.

As winter gives way to spring, the vineyard begins to come to life.

The telltale signs of springtime are starting to reach out over the estate, sprouting blossoms, blooms, and brightness. 

Lively splashes of color replace the dull tones of winter, providing just a hint of the vibrance to come. 

The faithful pattern of steady drizzle and dazzling sunshine sets us up for a fruitful and nurtured season. 

The rain makes everything lush and sparkly, the perfect complement to the sunshine that follows.

All of our vines, young and old, revel in these generous showers!

The next phase of the growing season is bud break, but some of our vines will remain dormant longer than others. 

After pruning, the vine will pull nutrients from the roots to flow through the whole plant. A keen eye on a sunny day may notice glistening droplets of sap falling from newly pruned branches. 

In preparation for the growing season, you may see that the branches are tied along wires in neat rows. This helps distribute the leafy growth, allowing the plant to catch as much sunshine as possible when the time comes.

After pruning and before the growth of leafy canopy, you can easily see the row-by-row layout which shows the organized nature of the vineyard to allow for optimal care.

The whole estate is excited to welcome springtime!

Come visit the estate and savor the beauty of this season. As always, we’re open seven days a week for indoor and outdoor wine tasting. Cheese!



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