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Rubino Estates Winery
March 1, 2024 | Rubino Estates Winery

Your Guide to Fumé Blanc

     If you aren't familiar with Fumé Blanc but you love the tropical brightness of a sunny climate Sauvignon Blanc, then we encourage you to give Fumé a try. No matter the weather, enjoying this gorgeous white wine is like sipping on sunshine. Read on to unpack this delicious varietal and ideal pairings. 

     Fumé Blanc is a California-born wine, and fittingly golden in both hue and flavor. The late Robert Mondavi, renowned winemaker, pioneered the process of transforming Sauvignon Blanc with oak aging, resulting in what he named Fumé Blanc. The oak deemphasized the herbaceous and grassy tones in Sauvignon Blanc, allowing the bright fruit to flourish. Now, wine lovers can enjoy Fumé Blanc in many styles. The prominence of the oak influence and the amount of varietal zing from the Sauvignon Blanc fruit varies from winemaker to winemaker. In fact, there is no regulation for the amount of oak on a Fumé Blanc, so there is fantastic potential for creativity—it’s a “blanc” canvas, if you will!

     At Rubino Estates, we aged our 2021 vintage of Fumé Blanc in neutral oak for 5 months before bottling. The influence is gentle, bringing creamy body and touches of vanilla while still preserving the fresh and lively fruit notes. Stone fruit, citrus, and tropical character shine in each sip, carrying that beloved Sauvignon Blanc character. 

     Like Sauvignon Blanc, Fumé Blanc lends itself to a wide range of pairings. The weightier profile means that it can even pair with foods that are too heavy for Sauvignon Blanc. Pick lively flavors like citrus or light and creamy dishes. A few recommendations include sole piccata with lemon, sushi, pork loin or a French-style chicken tarragon. Build a charcuterie board with truffled goat cheese, dried apricots, seafood pâté, gruyère cheese, and your favorite crostinis and make the Fumé Blanc shine. For anyone with a sweet tooth, this-food friendly wine holds up as well. Try white chocolate orange peels, New Orleans beignets, lemon zest madeleines, a Japanese cotton cheesecake, or southern peach pie. It’s hard to go wrong.

Fumé Blanc is our Wine of the Month! Order today to sip and save. 



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