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June 17, 2022 | Rubino Estates Winery

Wine Profiles: Magnum Month

It’s Magnum Month here at Rubino Estates, where we celebrate the beauty of big bottles. Magnums hold the equivalent of 2 standard bottles of wine, offering better aging, impressive girth, and most importantly, more wine. Some of the Magnums we feature are a blast from the past, containing past vintages that can no longer be acquired in standard format. Below, we’re profiling 7 of these gorgeous wines so you can take your pick and enjoy the very best!

2012 Riserva Sangiovese Magnum

Many of Italy’s famed reds are made from the amazing Sangiovese grape, which we have been bottling here for over a decade. This vintage included a touch of Cabernet Sauvignon for balance, and swirls with notes of wild strawberry, sandalwood and spice. Undertones of leather, raspberry and tobacco add to the complexity. Moderate to high acidity with soft but moderate tannins result in a richness and lingering liveliness.

2016 Centanni Rosso Magnum

This vintage of Centanni Rosso boasts a vivacious bouquet of plum, cherry, and jam with a splash of strawberry near the end. The rich body emphasizes wild strawberry notes, accented by oakiness and the presence of baking spice. The balanced acidity of this 50-50 Sangiovese and Zinfandel blend speaks to the complex interplay of these two varietals, making a mélange of light red fruit and deeper jammy notes.  

2016 Ferrario Magnum

The 2016 vintage of this beloved red blend married Barbera and Zinfandel, balanced by accents of Merlot and Petit Verdot. The result of this marriage is a rich, brooding nose with sultry notes of chocolate, red fruit, plum, and fig. The flavors shine on the palate with a big mouthfeel and smooth tannins which have only become more luxurious with time. As the wine continues to open, savor notes of luscious red fruit and a warm spice blend. 

2017 Amuleto Magnum

Two quintessential Italian varietals coalesce in this vintage of our Amuleto Club Blend. Barbera and Sangiovese co-star in this craveable, vibrant, and refreshing wine. Bright notes of ripe strawberry, sweet cherry, raspberry, and fruit leather express themselves on the nose. Thrills of red fruit swirl on the palate. The mouthfeel is medium and acidity refreshing, making way for a long, satisfying finish. 

2017 Tuscano Magnum

Modeled after the well-loved “Super Tuscans” of the modern world, this wine is a Cal-Ital icon, with Cabernet Sauvignon balanced by Barbera, Petit Verdot, Sangiovese, and Merlot. Big aromas of red fruit, rich with cherry and strawberry lead into dynamic flavors of brandied cherries, strawberry jam, violet, and plum. The tannins are ideal for aging (or for magnum format) and the finish is delicately floral. 

2017 Landmark Sangiovese Magnum

Each step of the process of making our Landmark wines is filled with careful, painstaking effort to produce the highest quality attainable. This particular vintage, awarded 90 points by wine enthusiasts, boasts vibrant red fruit notes with strawberry, black cherry, and hints of vanilla and spice character. Soft tannins and a full mouthfeel reminiscent of a Cabernet meet food-friendly acidity in this remarkable handcrafted Sangiovese. 

2017 Landmark Barbera Magnum

Aged for over 30 months before finding a new home in these grand bottles, this Barbera is like no other. Crafted to age gracefully, this wine presents rich, elegant notes of lush red fruit on the nose. Elegant swirls of raspberry, cherry, and strawberry meet oaky vanilla and a spicy hint of black pepper and clove on each sip. A large, flavorful mouthfeel is complemented by velvety tannins and finishes with a flourish of fruity vanilla essence.

Best news of all: Each of these magnums is on sale! This month, save big on big bottles.
Each of these magnums is made in very limited quantity. Call us to learn more and buy now!


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