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March 12, 2021 | Rubino Estates Winery

Upcycling Wine Barrels: 3 Ideas

One of the greatest joys of winemaking is how picturesque the work is. From the vineyards, to the barrels, to the wine itself, we're surrounded by beauty here at the Estate. We are always looking for ways to protect and sustain the beauty around us. The average "lifespan" of the oak barrels we use to store and age the wine is about 5 years, though some barrels last as long as 10 years. When they are no longer fit for winemaking, they are full of potential for other practical and elegant uses. We offer our gorgeous retired barrels so they can be passed on to new purposes. A few of our favorite ideas for upcycling barrels are below!


Planter Box 

Barrel planters can be customized with so many shapes and layouts that you can plant a huge range of foliage. Whether you’re planting succulents, pansies, kale, or tomatoes, there’s a setup that meets your needs. The simplest design of sawing the barrel half, either vertically or horizontally, yields two spacious, matching planters. If you're curious about more innovative layouts, click here for inspiration!



Pet Bed

Pets are part of the family, so why not let them be wine lovers too? Put a plush bed in a classy, upcycled barrel from a local winery, and they have the perfect place to cuddle up  when they're dog-tired. This bed would be perfect for both cats and dogs, but make sure to measure—you don't want your big dog to spill out! There are more elaborate options for wine barrel pet beds ranging from little wooden caves to thrones. You can dream up a custom masterpiece for your furry friend!

Grill Cart

We love this outdoor cooking must-have.The barrel has been transfromed into a combination food prep station and cold storage. The clever addition of a rack for grilling tools (using the slats cut out from the side of the barrel) and a set of wheels makes this even more stylish and practical. Talk about summer ready! The wine country flair is perfect for anyone looking to elevate their outdoor spaces. 


What's your dream wine barrel project? Let us know on social media @rubinoestates

If you'd like to obtain a barrel of your own, we have a few remaining for sale!
Call the tasting room at (925) 484-1699 for more information.


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