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Rubino Estates Winery
February 25, 2022 | Rubino Estates Winery

Unique & Unusual Wine Words

Have you ever been searching for just the right word to describe the wine you are tasting? To help with this, we’re turning to some of our favorite uncommon adjectives to help us describe the singular beauty and complexity of eight Rubino Estates favorites. We are hoping this list inspires word-lovers and wine-lovers alike to expand their tasting repertoire and describe the true nature of these vivacious wines!

Trebbiano - Luminous

Trebbiano is a white wine, rare in this part of the world, we find it deserving of this word, evocative of a certain gentle glow. It’s clear yet golden, and shine in the glass and on the palate. 

Fumé Blanc - Redolent

A tropical nose, layered with complexity and ripe fruit, sets this wine apart. A whisper of vanilla from its time in oak makes this wine redolent: aromatic, evocative, reminiscent of some special quality.

Riserva Chardonnay - Munificent

Anyone who takes a sip of our deliciously aromatic and buttery Chardonnay will note that it is richly generous, even lavish--encapsulated in the word “munificent.” 

Salute Rosé - Arcadian

Something about this wine has us feeling serene and peaceful. Rosé made from Sangiovese is harder to find in our region, and this varietal brings an arcadian sense of rustic tranquility to your glass.

Primitivo - Dapper

This Italian cousin of Zinfandel is trim and snazzy, with a sleek bottle and smooth tannins. If you enjoy intrigue and delight, then this wine is the debonair addition your collection is looking for.

Night Owl Barbera - Sagacious

Like the Owl that graces the label, there is something deep and profound in each pour of this Riserva collection Barbera. The wise, discerning eyes of the barn owl watch over the Estate and help bring you this sagacious wine. 

Riserva Cabernet Sauvignon - Ubiquitous

This classic varietal is pervasive and popular, with extensive planting around the world. Cabernet Sauvignon is deserving of its popularity! Enjoy the ubiquitous aromas and flavors of plums, cherries, and faintly grippy tannins.

Riserva Sangiovese - Decorous

This especially bright red wine is proper and polite with all food, with a certain courtly aroma and respectable mouthfeel. A decorous glass of this Sangiovese never rustles feathers or disappoints. 

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