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July 15, 2022 | Rubino Estates Winery

Think Pink: The Rubino Estates Guide to Rosé

What can you expect from a crisp, cool glass of rosé? Only good things, especially on a sweltering July day! Full fruit flavors and unique profiles make this an exciting genre of wine. 

The basics of Rosé wine: 

Any red wine grape can be made into a rosé. Here at Rubino Estates we use the most popular method, known as “maceration.” In this process, the grapes are crushed right after harvesting, then the juice remains in contact with the color-rich skins. This contact can be as short as 2 hours or as long as 20. Because of this, different rosé wines will have different shades of pink depending on their source varietal. 

The other types of rosé creation, bled or blended, are much less common. When a rosé is bled, it involves siphoning a small percentage of juice away from a red wine early in its production to craft a rosé. Blending involves mixing white wine with a small amount of red, often not more than 5%. To some, this method does not create a true rosé, so it may also be referred to as a blush wine. 

The flavors of Rosé wine:

Because rosé can come from any red varietal, the profiles and flavors can differ wildly. Overall however, there are a few aroma and flavor families you can know to look for. Key notes will likely include some kind of red fruit, such as strawberry, raspberry, or cherry. Tart red fruits like cranberries and pomegranates may also make an appearance. Other fruits, like honeydew melon, lychee, stone fruit like white peaches, or citrus also feature in rosé. For advanced noses and palates, Look for crisp hints of green, especially on the finish of some rosés, reminiscent of rhubarb, cucumber, or even celery. Floral notes of rose petal (fittingly), hibiscus, and citrus blossoms may frame these flavors as well. 


Rosé wines at Rubino Estates:

Our 2020 Salute Rosé is Italian flair in a bottle! With a bright, coppery-pink tone, this dry rosé crafted from Sangiovese is especially delicious in the summer and for sharing with friends. This wine is a excellent companion for charcuterie lovers because salty cured meats and both soft and hard cheeses make this wine shine! Enjoy strawberry, pink gooseberry, and early raspberries followed by delicate rhubarb and floral notes.


We have a 2018 Rosé crafted from Nebbiolo grapes, a rare, exquisite Italian varietal for true connoisseurs. This Rosé has a more deep purple-pink tone and boasts fresh flavors of strawberry, cranberry, gold raspberry, and pomegranate. We like this wine with tapas and even alongside spicy foods. With a medium body and amazing tartness, this dry wine is food friendly, versatile, and deserves a spot in the wine fridge!


How to serve Rosé wine:

This is the easy part! Just make sure your rosé has shilled in the fridge for at least an hour (aim for 50-60°F) and then open the bottle, pour, and enjoy. 

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