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Rubino Estates Winery
July 22, 2022 | Rubino Estates Winery

The Story of Our Club Wines

Have you ever had a wine that was made just for you? With the Rubino Estates Wine Club, you have a chance to explore delicious one-of-a-kind wines handcrafted with our members in mind. Our Famiglia collection features 4 red wine blends exclusive to our wine club. We dive into the stories behind these wines and their names below!  


Our Ferrario blend is named in honor of Ernest Ferrario, the proprietor of the Estate Vineyard from 1921-1975. Ferrario was an Italian immigrant and brought a flair and persistence to the estate. During Prohibition, from 1920-1933, the winery continued to operate under Ferrario’s leadership for the purpose of producing sacramental wines. By the mid-twentieth century, the Ferrario family was well-known for their quality wines, especially their Zinfandel. This blend honors Ferrario’s by marrying Barbera--an Italian varietal, and Zinfandel--Ferrario’s specialty.


Our Tuscano is named in honor of all things Tuscan! This region is famous for magnificent wines, unbeatable food, and breathtaking views. We like to enjoy all these things right here in the Livermore valley! Our Tuscano Blend takes a page out of the book of “Super Tuscans,” wines that bolster traditional Italian varietals with influence from the Bordeaux legion of France. Barbera and Sangiovese accompany  Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot for a very well-rounded wine.

Centanni Rosso

The name of this wine finds its roots in the expression “Cent’anni,” an Italian word used to toast to 100 years of health and prosperity. “Rosso,” meaning red, commemorates the gorgeous ruby hue of this blend. One of the most challenging balances in all of our blends, a rich harmony of specially selected Sangiovese and Zinfandel composes the Centanni Rosso. Here’s to many years of good wine!


“Amuleto'' is the Italian word for amulet. Amulets themselves are surrounded by folklore--good luck charms that provide some kind of protection against harm. These charms could be ornaments, trinkets, or small pieces of jewelry with personal value. Our Amuleto is a blend of our two most popular Italian varietals, the good luck charms of the Estate: Sangiovese and Barbera. After all, it’s easy to feel lucky when you’re holding a glass of your favorite wine.

Members, do you have a favorite club wine? We'd love to hear from you @rubinoestates!


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