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Rubino Estates Winery
January 27, 2023 | Rubino Estates Winery

The Estate Refreshed

We were blessed with a few days of drenching rain, which saturates our gravelly soil with much needed nutrition and refreshes the earth around the estate. Though it’s still January, the sunshine that has followed our stormy days has an intoxicating promise of spring. Keep scrolling to join us on a photo tour of the estate vineyard this week.

In between our rows of Zinfandel, like in much of the vineyard, soft green sprouts of grass are reaching upwards, bringing their bright freshness to the landscape.

Though the leaves of last year are long gone and new growth is yet to come, these neat rows are nothing short of picturesque as the lines of green lead all the way to the gorgeous hills that frame our little valley. 

The tall, outstretched canes that formed the lush canopy of leaves now stand bare during our vines’ dormancy stage. These will be pruned before the budding stage this spring. 

This picturesque curve of our Petit Verdot block reaches toward the highest elevation on our estate, nestled close to the hills. 

Each year as a vine grows, more layers, swirls, and gnarls form on the arms and trunk, showing a story and age and maturation. We love a gnarly vine like this beauty from our Cabernet vines.

On the western edge of the vineyard, we have some Cabernet vines that are only a few years old, nestled near one of our Zinfandel blocks. They have weathered the storm well and show great promise for the year to come. 

We are excited for this refreshed start to 2023! Come visit us in the beauty of the vineyard here at the Rubino Estates tasting room—or even take a tour right through the heart of the vineyard!


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