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Rubino Estates Winery
April 29, 2022 | Rubino Estates Winery

Spotlight on Riserva Chardonnay

As April winds down, we wanted to take one last close look at the golden charm of our Riserva Chardonnay. From the aroma to the finish, we enjoy this smooth, floral, bright, and buttery beauty all year long. Here, we’re breaking down the notes and essences this wine has to offer. Let your palate be delighted and give it a try!


Vanilla Bean & Clove

These pleasant notes of spice and vanilla come from the barrel fermentation and aging process of our Chardonnay





Lemon Bar

Citrus notes from the fruit meet a touch of toastiness from the oak barrel, swirling in a gorgeous lemon-bar aroma. 




Wildflower Honey

Notes of honey are more common in New World Chardonnays than those you might find in Europe. We are no exception!





Subtle notes of this summer stone fruit make it especially appropriate for warm-weather sipping!




Fresh Citrus

Generally found in Chardonnay from cooler climates or earlier harvests, we are pleased with this fresh flavor swirling throughout the profile of this wine. 




Orange Blossom & Honeysuckle

Appearing both in the aroma and on the palate, these light floral elements round out the experience of each sip with a delicate finale.



Don't let this month slip away without getting some Chardonnay!


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