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Rubino Estates Winery
September 23, 2022 | Rubino Estates Winery

September Harvest Update

Fall has officially begun in our part of the world. Harvest is in full swing, we’ve had some early rain, and warm vibrant colors are beginning to emerge on the branches and vines around the estate. No matter the weather, harvest must go on, with our amazing winemaker and cellar team working tirelessly to craft the Rubino Estates wines you know and love. 

This bin of Chardonnay was hand-picked in the cool of the morning, just before sunrise. This fruit will be carefully processed with the greatest attention to detail to transform into our 2022 vintage of Landmark Chardonnay. 

Our Sauvignon Blanc was one of our first varietals to be ready for harvest this year. These verdant green grapes will eventually become our family-favorite Fume Blanc in due time. 

Though we hand-pick our fruit, we require some machine assistance during the winemaking process. This is the first step in the long journey for our fruit, as it transforms into delicious and award-winning wines.

As the clusters come through, our team keeps an eye on the quality and keeps the system running smoothly from start to finish. The grapes will be separated from their stems, and sent over to the press.

The press is the fun part—it’s juice time! Though this is still a long way from becoming wine, there is something gratifying about seeing the yields flow down. 

Not all of our fruit has made it to its harvest date quite yet. Many of our red wine varietals, like this Petite Sirah, await their day. It is coming soon!

Revel in the beauty of the season. Visit us and see the progress of the vineyards! 



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