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February 11, 2022 | Rubino Estates Winery

Romantic Food and Wine Pairings

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we thought it was the perfect time to put together a pairing guide for some of the most romantic foods! These foods have been selected from traditional folklore and modern science as having properties suited for especially amorous dining. Depending on what kind of wine you and your special someone enjoy, we have a few different ideas for you. Food and wine make for an elegant evening anytime, so let your Valentine's day shine with these romantic food and wine pairings.

If you are drinking Sparkling Wine...

Pop open a bottle, it's time to celebrate love! This wine is all about excitement and effervescence, and makes every moment special. Best of all, it's a food pairing superstar, lending itself well to a wide range of foods. 

Oysters - A classic food at upscale or romantic dinners, the salty and briny flavors of fresh oysters are a delicious accompaniment for a glass of sparkling. If you want to try something more complex, check out this mouthwatering recipe for Oysters Rockefeller by Lorigoldsby.

Basil - The clean, invigorating scent and fresh flavor of basil are hard to pass up, especially when paired with other ingredients. Enjoy the taste of luxurious simplicity by selecting the finest tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil for a Caprese Salad with Balsamic Glaze, like this recipe from Once Upon a Chef.

Figs - The natural sweetness of a ripe or dried fig can be intoxicating, and even more so when prepared with love and a splash of Sparkling wine, like in this recipe for Drunken Honeyed Figs By Erica De Mane. Try leaning into your sweet tooth and enjoy this alongside our sparkling Moscato!

If you are drinking White Wine...

White Wine is the perfect choice for a pleasant evening. Enjoy the buttery cream character of Chardonnay, the crisp minerality of a Trebbiano, or the lightly oaked aromas of a Fumé Blanc.  Whatever you choose, there's a romantic food waiting to come alongside. 

Apples - It is difficult to top a gorgeous apple in all of its crisp, sweet, and refreshing flavors, but we're opening a bottle of Fumé Blanc and recommending these Grilled Apple and Gruyere Sandwiches from Southern Boy Dishes.

Sweet Potatoes - For lovers of Chardonnay, we recommend leaning into a recipe for sweet potatoes for a romantically sweet and buttery dish. These Melting Sweet Potatoes from Dessert for Two are exactly what you need to elevate your evening.

Avocado - To compliment the light minerality of our Trebbiano, we turn to the rich creaminess of avocadoes. To capitalize on bright and beautiful flavor, try these Avocado Summer Rolls from Love and Lemons. You won't be disappointed! 

If you are drinking Red Wine... 

In our opinion, reds are the best option for Valentine's day. Whether you are looking for the bright cherry flavors of a Sangiovese or the rich cocoa notes of a Petite Sirah, there is allure to be found in every bottle. Enjoy these romantic pairings!

Arugula - We love any wine pairing with rustic Italian flair, so it's natural to pair our Night Owl Barbera with this recipe for a sun-dried tomato and arugula pizza. Try cooking together with your special someone! 

Truffles - Prized for their rarity and earthy decadence, truffles are a perfect addition to a special occasion. Enjoy a beautiful Truffled Pappardelle Carbonara with a sexy glass of Landmark Founder's Blend

Chocolate - Of course, Valentine's day would be sorely incomplete without the sweet enticement of a chocolate covered strawberry. Enjoy the reddest, ripest strawberries enrobed in your favorite semisweet chocolate. An accompanying glass of our Landmark Sangiovese won't hurt either!


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