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Rubino Estates Winery
June 3, 2022 | Rubino Estates Winery

Refreshing Trebbiano Lemonade

       Now that June is here, we feel the spirit of summer creeping into the estate! The beams of sunshine are bright and proud, and the vines are flourishing. Harvest is still months away, but the vineyards promise to rise to the challenge. In the meantime, we are paying extra attention to our favorite chilled wines: buttery Chardonnay, fruity Rosé, stylish Fumé Blanc, and more. 

       This month, we are celebrating the simple, rare beauty of our Trebbiano. Since we advocate all things Cal-Ital, our Trebbiano is a representation of this daring marriage of Californian terroir and Italian legacy.  Though relatively obscure in the United States, Trebbiano is one of the most popular white wine grapes in Italy. With delicate aromas of melon and citrus mingling with light acidity and flavors of pear and apricot, this wine is everything we hope for on a summer evening.

       Few things taste quite as perfect as cool, refreshing lemonade on a summer day. To kick off this season right, we wanted to combine our love of wine with the magic of lemonade, and voilà! This recipe is about as easy as it gets and can be prepared hours before serving in addition to being delightfully refreshing and versatile. Make it your own with summer fruits like peaches or strawberries, or play with the ratios!

Rubino Estates Trebbiano Lemonade

  • 1 fresh Meyer lemon, sliced into rounds
  • Up to 1 cup sliced fruits of choice (optional)
  • 1 12-oz carton of Lemonade concentrate
  • 1 bottle Rubino Estates Trebbiano
  • 4 cups (24 oz) soda water
  • Optional Garnishes: lemon wedges, mint sprigs, or sliced fruit
  1. In a large pitcher, combine all ingredients except soda water and mix. We encourage you to lightly muddle the lemon slices and sliced fruit (if using) together.
  2. If desired, refrigerate up to 12 hours and let the flavors steep. 
  3. When ready to serve, pour in the soda water, stir, and taste. Feel free to add more soda water to your liking if you’d prefer your refreshment less sweet.
  4. Serve cold, over ice, with your desired garnishes! 

White Wine Lemonade, or “White Sangria” is a great addition to barbecues, picnics, or poolside relaxation. Cheers! 


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