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May 6, 2022 | Rubino Estates Winery

Mother's Day Recipe Ideas for Every Family

In honor of Mother’s Day, we have rounded up recipes for moms of all kinds. Whether you’re aiming for breakfast in bed, a brunch spread, a pretty picnic, or getting help from little ones, there’s a recipe ready for you! Make this mother’s day one to remember.


By Jessica Smith for Brit+Co: Baked French Toast 

This comforting dish can be prepped ahead of time and then served right out of the oven, hot and fresh! It’s perfect for busy families and breakfast lovers alike.




From Kidspot Kitchen: Egg & Bacon Cups 

These protein-packed breakfast “cups” are creative and delicious. If you like a savory breakfast with minimal cleanup, then it’s time to grab your muffin tin and get started!




From BBC GoodFood: Nutty Pancakes 

Arguably one of the most classic breakfast foods, this recipe elevates the humble pancake with a hearty serving of nuts and a healthy dose of agave syrup. 




By Matt Wilkinson for Delicious: British Breakfast Pies 

For anyone looking to make something new, these pies are a fresh take on a savory and flavorful breakfast, all baked into a simple homemade crust.



By Sara Cagle for Brit+Co: Vegan Muesli 

Especially good for our plant-based or health-conscious families, this nutritious  muesli comes together in a breeze and can be made ahead of time to simplify your day!




From BBC GoodFood: Homemade Crumpets 

Can you imagine biting into a freshly baked, lightly sweet, and perfectly toasted crumpet? Add a little butter and we’re head over heels! These are surprisingly easy, so why not give it a try?




By Lucy Parissi for Brit+Co: Layered Berry Smoothie 

An especially gorgeous option for our active and health-conscious moms, we think this smoothie is best served next to a bouquet of flowers.




By Charlotte Binns-McDonald for Delicious: Panettone French Toast  

Since we love to feature Italian elements in our cuisine, we are enchanted by this colorful take on French Toast, using the festive flavors of Panettone.



From Kidspot Kitchen: Charred Corn Avocado Toast 

This recipe is a perfect way to make something quick with thought and care! If you have little ones who may want to help, this is a great recipe to get them involved!



By Melissa Hemsley for Delicious: Pizza Omelette 

The Rubino Estates Famiglia maintains a healthy appreciation for pizza of all kinds, so we’re very excited to make it in breakfast form!



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