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September 30, 2022 | Rubino Estates Winery

Favorite Podcasts About Wine

September 30th is International Podcast Day! Below, we've listed 10 podcasts that cover different pieces of the wine world. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it's a starting point for you to find your favorite and learn more about your favorite things.

The Best 5 Minute Wine Podcast

This is a bright and approachable podcast that visits wineries all over the world and consults experts in the field to help stoke your imagination and deepen your appreciation for the global wine world. Through candid conversations with the people behind all kinds of wineries, you may just get the travel bug and a craving to experience wine all around the world.  

Wine with Meg & Mel

If you like something lively and candid while still increasing your wine knowledge, join these two aussie friends as they explore diverse wines and create simple guides to wine varietals, regions, and other sundries of the wine world! We recommend their episodes “Pairing wine with snack food” and “Does the grape variety matter in Rosé?” for fun fresh takes on these topics. 

The James Suckling Wine Podcast

Well-respected in the wine community, wine critic James Suckling and his team give straightforward, information-rich commentary on the profiles, people, and places of the wine world. This includes reviews of individual wines and interviews with winemakers, with episodes that vary in length to suit any time window.

Wine for Normal People

As the name suggests, this podcast is geared toward anyone who is looking to enjoy and learn more about good wines without pomp or snobbery. These frank and lighthearted discussions range from nerdier, wine science oriented episodes like Episode 436 about wine faults, to a focus on varietal and terroir like Episode 427 about Piedmont, and many other areas of interest. 

Wine 101

On this podcast created by VinePair, host Ken Beavers shares unpretentious yet in-depth wine commentary for anyone who’s curious about the history of wine styles, regions, tasting notes, and more. We enjoy episodes like “Supertuscans” which illuminates this unique and delicious style and “The Judgement of Paris” which recounts dramatic wine history.

Wine Pod

With a goal to be enjoyable for entry-level wine fans and professionals in the field alike, the hosts unpack the complexity and nuances of wines and their makers. With intriguing interviews with all kinds of winemakers and other professionals, these individuals share their vibrant stories and personalities, and how this is expressed in the wines they create. 

The Wine Pair Podcast

Hosts Joe and Carmela, a husband-wife duo, give honest takes on wines especially oriented toward enjoyable wines in reasonable price ranges. In general, each episode includes relaxed and thoughtful tastings of 3 wines. Their episodes are about 45 minutes to an hour long, sprinkled with fun and helpful “minisodes” like “The right way to hold a wine glass” 

The Wine Enthusiast Podcast

Some of the foremost voices of the beverage industry and related industry come together under the umbrella of Wine Enthusiast. For anyone who wants to diversify their knowledge of the finer things of life and become an insider in what make them possible, this podcast is satisfying and educational. Enjoy topics like sustainability, women in the beverage industry, cocktails and spirits, and so much more!

Wine Blast with Susie and Peter

Another husband and wife duo, masters of wine Susie and Peter speak to wine lovers on all levels. Lighthearted, wholesome, and instructive, listeners can enjoy episode after episode of wine-oriented interviews, candid conversations, and listener questions. Their most recent series focuses on fine-tuning your wine pairings for ultimate enjoyment. Truly mouthwatering!

Wine Talks

Charismatic host Paul K sits down to interview all kinds of characters from all around the globe. Casual illuminating and enlightening discourse addresses the heart, worries, and passions of prominent guests that keep the wine world turning. One such episode is “Does the wine glass really matter? Oh, yes, meet Maximillian Riedel - World Leading Wine Glass Maker.

Rubino Estates Winery is not sponsored by or affiliated with the above podcasts, we just hope you enjoy!


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