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April 8, 2022 | Rubino Estates Winery

Elevated Grilled Cheese and Wine Pairings

This Tuesday, April 12th, is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich day. At Rubino Estates, we like to think that there’s something worth celebrating every day of the year. Of course, this holiday is one we are very excited to celebrate, since it sounds like the perfect excuse to test out some of the best cheese and wine pairings in all the creamy toasty beauty of a grilled cheese sandwich. Below, we have listed our favorite elegant grilled cheese alongside delicious wine pairings, because grilled cheese can be fancy too! After all, a bottle of wine turns any evening into an occasion. 

Fumé Blanc

For this lightly oaked Sauvignon blanc, we recommend layering a nutty havarti over soft focaccia. Gently heat to perfection with a cast-iron skillet with a flavorful layer of herb butter to create the perfect toasted crust. 

Riserva Collection Chardonnay

One reason we love our Wine of the Month is that it is difficult to go wrong with cheese and this wine! Right now, we’re in love with a classy grilled cheese of  fontina melted into challah bread with thinly sliced d’anjou pears and shredded arugula.  

Nebbiolo Rosé

This rare Rosé wine, featured in our Sunset Case, is exactly the dose of intrigue you need in your wine cellar. Pour a glass alongside grilled ciabatta bread with a generous layer of fig jam and buttery baked brie, and you’ll feel your taste buds sing!


Just like Nebbiolo, this wine is an elusive Italian classic that deserves all the attention. We’re pairing this sexy wine with a gorgeous grilled cheese, of course! Manchego and fuji apple, melted into rustic bread, with just a drizzle of wildflower honey. 

Riserva Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet is flavor’s best friend, and grilled cheese is no exception. We’re adding a few generous slices of smoked ham along with mature cheddar between two slices of homemade artisan sourdough. 

Night Owl Barbera

The flavors of the Old World shine in this Estate-grown Barbera and our favorite combinations of flavor. Try your hand at homemade roasted tomato spread with capers, layered with asiago and fontina, grilled onto thick-cut bread. 

Riserva Petite Sirah

Play with bold flavors to create the perfect companion for our Petite Sirah. We enjoy a grilled cheese with red pesto (made with sundried tomatoes) and an ample helping of swiss cheese, all melted into traditional rye bread. 

Landmark Sangiovese

For this impeccable and bright Sangiovese, we will cook with only the best. This wine is perfect for a splurge on Tuscan Pecorino, fire-roasted red peppers, and a drizzle of truffle oil. A few fine ribbons of fresh basil make this sandwich complete!

Landmark 1885 Founder’s Blend

This especially exquisite blend brings together Barbera, Petit Verdot, Petite Sirah, and a touch of Cabernet Sauvignon. We chose a crusty baguette, added a delicate layer of stone-ground mustard, and topped it with aged gouda and bacon for a melted masterpiece. 

No matter what wine you love, there’s an elevated grilled cheese waiting for it. Which one will you make?


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