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March 25, 2020 | Rubino Estates Winery

Cork Crafts While You SIP This Weekend

Beckmen Vineyard

Another weekend of sheltering in place is upon us, and we don’t know about you, but we’re already out of puzzles. However, the wine corks are starting to add up. So what do with all of them? Let’s use this weekend to get a little crafty!

Below we’ve collected a few cork crafts that you can do alone with the family who may be sheltering in place with you. Many of these just require glue and a quick search through the house or garage to find materials to repurpose. Of course, if you can wait long enough, you can purchase additional supplies from the local home improvement store or Amazon to have them shipped safely to your home. Crack open a bottle of Rubino and start crafting! Tag us in your Rubino cork creations (@rubinoestates)! 


Wine Cork Vases

All you need is glue to turn an ordinary glass vase into a cork-covered beauty. This project works best with a cube- or rectangular-shaped vase and real corks.

Cork Planter Box

We love this suggestion from Beckmen Vineyard. Spring is upon us and it’s time to start our seedlings and get the garden ready for planting. Why not create a cute wine-inspired planter box? This would look great on the kitchen counter filled with succulents.














Cork Letters

Create some wall art with over-sized letters made from cork. You’ll need a base that’s heavy enough to hold the weight of the corks but the possibilities are endless. Make the family monogram or make a W, I, N, and E to hang over the wine fridge.

Cork Bulletin Board

This cork craft is perfect for your new home office. Hang it over your desk or in the kitchen to keep important reminders visible.


We hope this gets your creative juices flowing. And speaking of juice, you can get your favorite wines shipped safely to your home using the code "freeship" at checkout. SIP with your must-have Rubino wines and have fun getting crafty!


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