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Rubino Estates Winery
March 31, 2023 | Rubino Estates Winery

Contemplating Dormancy

       With the arrival of spring, we are eagerly anticipating bud break, the first green stages of the vineyard’s growing season. Before then, however, our vines have been enjoying a well-deserved season of rest and preparation since the harvest last autumn. As we’ve considered these things, we've found wisdom in the pattern of the seasons and invite you to reflect on the lessons of these little vines.

       The rest period between harvest and bud break can easily last 5 months, but this time is not truly idle. When temperatures start to cool near the end of the year, the vines enter a period of dormancy. Many plants have a dormant state to protect themselves from damage in cold seasons, but this state is especially important for vines. It is in this season that the vines take a rest from the hard work of their summer production, as well as preparing for bud break and flowering later. Without this phase, the plants will not bud in the spring or attain any level of cold tolerance, which has been especially important this year. This season also gives the grower an opportunity to check the nutritive qualities of the soil to ensure the vines have a good growing environment.

       Do you see parallels in your life? Just like the lovely vines here at Rubino Estates, we all need time to rest if we want to flourish. It’s vital that we check our soil, ensuring that we have the support we need to be fruitful and productive. There is no need to be discouraged by dormancy because it is a vital part of every life cycle. Without rest and nourishment of both brain and body, we’re on our way to burnout. Maybe now is a perfect time for a break!

       Part way through this phase of dormancy, the vines were pruned. One purpose of pruning is to allow the vine to better distribute its sap, balancing late productivity and boosting the health of the branches. Some styles of pruning actually prevent an amount of fruit from growing. However, this hindrance can lengthen the overall lifespan of the plant, which could otherwise be cut short by overproduction. In the pruning process, the branches are also often tied back into their neat rows which helps distribute the leafy growth, allowing the plant to catch as much sunshine as possible when the season comes. After pruning, the vines may look a bit pitiful, but in reality they are prepared. The overall effect of pruning is to boost high-quality productivity, regulate growth, and encourage healthy ripening.

       Perhaps you have felt pruned back lately. Take a moment to turn this around into good news: maybe you can take this chance to make better things than ever, performing at your best, catching sunshine, being productive, and making the best things. It will take some time to get there, but we’re determined to show that pruning is worth it. 

       We're honored to take part in the legacy of agriculture, and aim to have our eyes open to what cultivation can teach us. It’s the secret to good wine, and it might just be the secret to a good life too. If you want to see for yourself, just taste what Rubino Estates has to offer, and you can let us know!  If you need a place to recharge, we invite you to enjoy some wine tasting on our estate, immersed in natural beauty and wisdom.


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