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Rubino Estates Winery
March 4, 2022 | Rubino Estates Winery

Cheese and Wine Pairings: Rubino’s Favorites

Wine and cheese are the ultimate couple, complimenting each other so beautifully it’s hard to imagine one without the other. Though both are delicious in their own right, food science has found supporting evidence for this couple! The acidity and tannins in wine are moderated and complemented by the fat and creaminess of cheese, and vice versa. Cheeses that are infused with other flavors, like black pepper or rosemary, can help build flavor bridges on the palate and unlock mirrored flavors in the profile of the wine. Cheese has also been found to be helpful in identifying the fruit flavors in wines, both red and white!

To get some guidance on the infinitude of options when it comes to cheese and wine pairings, we spoke to Rubino Estates Wine ambassadors about their favorite wine and cheese pairings. Below, we’ve assembled a few of their recommendations for anyone looking to make their Tasting Room visit an especially luxurious experience!

Our Black Pepper BellaVitano is delicious with any of our reds, especially our Riserva Cabernet Sauvignon and our Landmark Collection Barbera. It’s hard to go wrong with this cheese!

Our Sartori Heritage Cheddar is light and nutty, mild enough to enhance a delicious golden sip of our Riserva Chardonnay. Enjoy an artisan cheese alongside handcrafted, Estate grown wine. 

For our Landmark Chardonnay lovers, we recommend soft cheeses, such as a brie or goat cheese. Look for our Chevre options and discover your favorite!

For an herbaceous touch, indulge in our Rosemary and Olive Oil Asiago with Trebbiano or our Fumé Blanc. A savory dynamic along with your favorite wine may be exactly what you need. 

Our Espresso BellaVitano is suited for our bold reds, we love it especially with our Landmark 1885 Founder’s Blend. Wake up your palate and enchant your senses!

Our Yancey’s Fancy cheeses are delectable with our medium-bodied wines. We recommend enjoying any of our Yancey’s Fancy alongside Centanni Rosso, our Club-Exclusive blend

The most important rule of cheese and wine pairing: Eat and Sip on what you love. There is no cheese police here--your pairings should make you happy, so we invite you to explore! The cheeses mentioned in this blog can be found featured in the Rubino Estates Deli. Our selection rotates, so there’s always a chance to try something new!


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