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February 19, 2021 | Rubino Estates Winery

Bathed in Relaxation

As February winds down, we're waiting for spring with eager expectation of blossoming vines and beautiful spring days. In the meantime, we're focusing on self-care and finding time for leisure. Many of us agree that the pinnacle of relaxation is a perfect bath. We've put together some tips and tools for the best bath you can have. If you're a little on the fence, we suggest trying out some of the following enhancements!

Bath Bombs or Spa Salts

These might seem like a no-brainer, but they are the first step of leveling up your relaxation game. With a wide range of options from detoxing or muscle relaxing spa salts to fragrant, glittery bath bombs, there's an option for everyone. For the best customization, you can even make your own!

Bubble Bath Soap

There's nothing wrong with adding a little whimsy to your bath! For optimal bubble growth, try pouring slowly into rapidly running water. Watch as the bubbly blanket coats the surface of the water, looking perfectly inviting. 

Essential Oils or Bath Oil

With just a few drops, you'll be feeling amazing. Essential oils like spearmint, lavender, rose, and bergamot are known for their relaxing properties, and create a fabulously perfumed aura above the water. Bath oils also work to have your skin feeling better than ever. 


Create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation with some flickering ambience. Lightly scented candles are perfect for smaller spaces and can make a classy decoration when not in use. For bathtime, feel free to go all out and light as many candles as you please. 

Bath Caddy

If you don't have one of these already, it's a good buy, because you have to put your wine somewhere. Yes, of course, the perfect bath involves a glass of wine. In fact, if you're not bringing anything else along, you can go straight for a wine glass holder

Milk Powder

It may sound strange, but milk baths have a long history of being praised for their skin-enhancing power. The lactic acid in milk is a gentle exfoliant, and the skin is enriched by the natural vitamins, minerals, fats, and proteins in the milk. For individuals with sensitive skin or who prefer a vegan alternative, coconut milk baths are an excellent substitute!

Music Playlist

Whether you opt for a curated playlist or put one together yourself, mixtape-style, take a moment to immerse yourself in your favorite tunes. Let the music add to the ambience and put a smile on your face as you listen. 

Plush Bathrobe

With this last ingredient, the comfort doesn't end once the water is drained. Let the robe be the cherry on top of your experience and you can feel refreshed and fabulous all evening. Our philosophy goes: the more plush, the better. 

A Bottle of Wine

We reccomend selecting a lighter-bodied wine to savor with your hot bath. White wine lovers can unwind with our Fume Blanc, and our Landmark Pinot Noir or Riserva Cabernet Sauvignon are perfect if you prefer something red. 

We hope we've encouraged you to incorporate one or more of these ingredients as you look to enhance your self-care rituals. It's release weekend here at Rubino Estates Winery, so it's the perfect time to treat yourself to a new bottle and luxuriate awhile. If you'd like to stock up for your new nighttime relaxation routine, please take advantage of our curated case specials! We're offering a case of Reds and a case of Whites. You can choose your favorite, or just get both!

What do you need for the perfect bath? Let us know on social media, @rubinoestates


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