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Rubino Estates Winery
December 24, 2021 | Rubino Estates Winery

A Christmas Feast in Italy

This Christmas Eve, we are celebrating the Italian influences that make Rubino Estates unique. In Italy, traditions range based on region and family history, but they nearly all involve good food! What many Americans would refer to as “Christmas Dinner” takes place on the 24th rather than the 25th, and generally involves meals made from scratch with only the finest and freshest ingredients available. To celebrate that rich and delicious tradition, we’ve rounded up a few traditional Italian Christmastime recipes that you can enjoy today, tomorrow, or all year long! 


Antipasti Chopped Salad by Rachael Ray

If you enjoy a light salad with your meals, then we suggest this toothsome celebration of antipasti, with cured meat, cheese, and olive—all delightful things you don’t want to miss out on! Suggested pairing: Salute Rosé.


Pasta con le Sarde by Savoring Italy

In Sicily especially, Christmas dishes are made with seafood. This traditional pasta dish incorporates the briny richness of sardines into the delight of Italy’s quintessential spaghetti. Suggested pairing: Fumé Blanc.


Shrimp and Scallop Risotto by Food and Wine

Another take on a special-occasion seafood, this mouthwatering risotto is certain to be a crowd pleaser. Creamy and salty with just a touch of earthiness, this recipe is balanced and delicious. Suggested pairing: Riserva Chardonnay.


Saltimbocca alla Romana by Jamie Oliver

This delectable dish can be made with a variety of proteins, but veal is the meat of choice at the Christmas table. The name of this dish translates to “jump in the mouth,” a testament to the unbeatable flavor! Suggested pairing: Landmark Collection Barbera.


Nonna’s Ricotta Cake by Cooking with Nonna

Simple, fresh, and undeniably delicious, this dessert is the Italian sweet you didn’t know you needed. Enjoy the rich and lightly sweet profile with a perfect zing of citrus and discover just how cravable it is! Suggested pairing: Brut Sparkling Wine (on sale NOW).


Orange Pistachio Biscotti by Sea Salt Savorings

This biscotti is the best epilogue for a deliciously rich meal. When you need a snack after opening gifts, this twice-baked marriage of cookie and bread is perfect with a traditional espresso or sweet wine. Suggested Pairing: Infinitum Dessert Wine


As they say in Italy, Buon Natale!
Happy Holidays from the Rubino Estates Famiglia.



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