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Rubino Estates Winery
August 6, 2021 | Rubino Estates Winery

Why White Wine is Worth Celebrating

Though light in color, white wines can be big with flavor, technique, and enjoyment. Whether you prefer a buttery oaked Chardonnay or a bubbly light Sparkling, white wines are worth celebrating for their diversity and drinkability. In honor of White Wine day (August 4th) here are a few quick facts you might not know about vino bianco (white wine). 

White wine can technically come from red grapes 

Though this preparation is uncommon, red grapes can make white wine. The purest definition of white wine is simply any wine that is produced with minimal contact with the skin of the grapes, and wines fermented without contact with the skins will be colorless since the skins dictate the color of the wine. One example of this technique is Pinot Grigio, a white wine made from vibrant purple grapes. Generally, however, white wines are produced from “white” grapes, which are generally a golden-green hue.

White wine has few tannins

Tannins are the colorful compounds in the skins of darker grapes. In addition to giving red wine its color, the presence or absence of tannins creates the strongest distinction between the experience of tasting red vs. white wines. Instead of deep, tannic flavor, white wines generally emphasize buttery smooth texture and dynamic aroma, or refreshingly delicious acidity. 

White wine is easier on your head

Most white wines have lower alcohol content than red wines. Between this factor and the lower level of tannins, white wines are less likely to lead to fearsome headaches. Additionally, white wines are generally less caloric than red wines!

White wine has a range of profiles

Chardonnay is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to white wines. These wines grow all over the world and are produced according to the style of the individual winemaker. In addition to varietal differences, the technique that goes into crafting a delicious white wine creates a world of possibilities. If you think you don’t enjoy white wine, keep sipping! You just haven’t met the one for you yet. 

White wines are ideal at 45-50˚F

For anyone newer to serving and sipping white wine, it’s important to know what temperature is best for enjoying your vino. Because of the shorter fermentation and aging process, a deliciously delicate and dynamic aroma graces many white wines. This aroma is best appreciated when the wine is chilled. The acidity of white wine truly shines when cold, creating the most refreshing sips possible. 

If you’d like to enjoy some of our white wines here, make sure to try our White Wine Flight which features some Estate-grown Cal-Ital favorites! 

Because we are almost 100% estate-grown here, we see our wines through every step of the process—growing, harvesting, fermenting, aging, bottling, and everything in between. The photographs above were taken this past March while we bottled our Fumé Blanc and Chardonnay, two of our wines featured on the White Wine Flight.



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