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November 19, 2021 | Rubino Estates Winery

Treasured Thanksgiving Traditions

The last Thursday of November is a special day for many people; a day to relax, enjoy family and food, and appreciate blessings. With thankful hearts, we treasure our tradition and heritage as the years go by. Today, we are pausing to dwell upon the classic Thanksgiving Day traditions that bring joy to the friends and families of Rubino Estates Winery. 

Eating Delicious Food ~ At the top of the menu, you’ll usually find Turkey! Below, however, is a beautiful cornucopia of other foods that vary from house to house; from signature favorites to inventive new dishes, every Thanksgiving feat is a different way to celebrate. Some of our favorites include mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing (or dressing), and pumpkin pie. Some of our staff even enjoy thanksgiving with a twist, with different dishes every year. 

Expressing Thankfulness ~ For some in our staff, it is customary to express thankfulness for something specific before, during, or after the Thanksgiving meal, while gathered around the table. You can be thankful for anything, be it scrumptious food, a new job, a good movie, recovery from an illness, or the color cerulean. According to medical and scientific journals, there is a very strong relationship between happiness and expressing gratitude for things big and small. 

Breaking the Wishbone ~ Though Thanksgiving itself is a relatively young holiday, breaking the wishbone finds its roots in ancient tradition--as far back as 800 BCE. Superstition around chicken wishbones began in an early civilization in Italy and was adopted by Roman culture, which then influenced cultures throughout the empire. Writings from England in the 1400’s mention the breaking of a goose wishbone in predicting weather. Eventually, breaking “wishbones” morphed into the luck-predicting tradition we have today. 

Turning on the TV ~ While some might partake in the noble tradition of taking a nap before or after the feast, for some it’s time to tune in to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which is now in its 95th year of ushering in the official start of the holiday season. Others have a football game (or three) to watch, another Thanksgiving Day hallmark since the 1920s. If you haven’t checked already, the games this year are Bears at Lions, Raiders at Cowboys, and Bills at Saints.

Taking a Walk or a Trot ~ Not all of us agree on this one, but for some of us, Thanksgiving Day isn’t complete without a little motion. Whether you take a nice walk around the block to fight a food coma or enjoy a brisk jog or run to celebrate the holiday, it’s an invigorating way to enjoy some fresh air (and enjoy some time away from relatives, if you need to!).

Spreading the Love ~ We also think that Thanksgiving is a beautiful time to appreciate what we have, and let our thankfulness guide us in generosity. For anyone who wants to share the love of this time of year, we encourage you to give resources, be it food staples, financial support, or your time to local programs like Tri-Valley Haven, Open Heart Kitchen, Shepherd’s Gate, or Alameda County Community Food Bank


We’re thankful for you!
-All of us at Rubino Estates



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