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April 8, 2020 | Rubino Estates Winery

Let's Play Some Games


Lonely? Tired of playing with the same housemates you've had since you started sheltering in place? The social distancing rules require us to get a little more creative with our activities. How do we still connect when we can't be in the same house, or on the same sidewalk, or at the same park? We've been thinking about the ways in which we can continue to make memories yet still be safe and that means bringing the in-person experiences into the virtual realm. Here are some tech tips and suggestions for games you can play with friends and grand-kids from the comfort of home. Grab a glass and experience game night in a new way. 

First, the Tech

If you don't have FaceTime, or would like to use your computer to video chat, our favorite applications are Skype and Zoom. Both are easy to set up and use and provide ways for multiple people to connect and react to each other in real time.

Now, the Games

Release your inner child with some old school favorites. These are the games we think you'll enjoy. The board games may require you and your game partners to set up individual boards at home, but it's still a fun way to pass catch up over a glass of wine. 

Battleship - "Who sunk my Battleship?!" We love the simplicity of this game plus it's easy for younger children to play as well. Very virtual friendly.

Monopoly - The never-ending property game that usually ends in a fight. Good thing you're all playing in different spaces. Each individual will have to set up their own board, but at least you always get to be the Banker.

Puzzles - Send your friend a puzzle and then set up a time to chat while you both work on the same one together. If you're the competitive type: the first person to finish gets a bottle of wine shipped from their friend. 

Chess - This too is an easy one for chess lovers. Each friend can set up their own board in their homes and move the pieces as needed. 

Bingo - Mail or email your friends a downloadable bingo board (you can find some examples here) and set a night for Bingo. This is a great one for larger groups and kids to play.

We hope this gives you some new ideas on how you can still connect with family and friends until we can all gather together again! 


Need to refill your wine supply for game night? We're still offering complimentary shipping on orders of 6 or more bottles. Shop now for your favorites, send some to your friends, and get your game nights rolling!


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