Our Italian heritage and tradition honors second property owner, Ernest Ferrario, and the rich history of Italian immigrants in the Livermore Valley. Ernest Ferrario was an Italian immigrant who moved to California to work on the railroads in San Rafael. Accustomed to the delicious wines in Italy, Ferrario decided to break into the wine business and purchase the Ruby Hill Property from John Crellin in 1921. Ferrario developed the land into a magnificent vineyard and established an admirable reputation as a Winemaker. His production was limited to sacramental and medicinal wines during prohibition, although rumors about his bootlegging whispered around town. Today we are grateful for Ferrario's contributions to the wine industry and carry on his Italian legacy in our craftsmanship. 

In 1989 a fire destroyed the winery, which was originally built in 1887. After the fire, the property remained abandoned for many years. It wasn’t until 2002 that owner Mike Callahan bought the property and began the restoration process. The building you see today is an exact replica of the original winery building constructed using bricks salvaged from the fire.


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