The Rubino Vineyard Estate

Planted originally in 1883, The Rubino Vineyard Estate has always been revered as one of the highest quality vineyards in the Livermore Valley. Though the original vineyard has been replanted throughout the years, the most recent replanting in 1998, the ideal soil and unique terrior that drew the valley's earliest settlers to this parcel has remained unaltered.

The gravely soil which covers our 150 acre vineyard estate provides excellent drainage, allowing our vineyard's water supply to be carefully regulated, resulting in the intense fruit flavor concentration of our estate fruit. The surrounding hills provide shelter from high winds, while channeling cool air from the bay to provide our estate vineyards with relief from the high temperatures during our growing months.

The Rubino Vineyard Estate is farmed to the highest level of sustainable farming. Our fruit is picked by hand and never leaves our property from harvest through bottling. This greatly minimizes our carbon footprint, and allows us to ensure that only the highest quality fruit, winemaking techniques, and sustainable practices go into every single bottle of wine that we produce.


winemaking philosophy

Our philosophy here at Rubino Estates Winery is simple, the best grapes and the best practices, make the best wines. It all starts in the vineyard where we farm our estate vines to optimize the intensity, flavor, and varietal characteristics of our grapes, sacrificing higher yield for superior quality.

When it comes time for harvest our fruit is picked by hand in the early hours of the morning and gently hand sorted once it enters our production facility, ensuring only the best grape clusters go into each lot of our wine.
Our wines are aged in oak barrels of varying toasts, oak type, and cooperages, selecting the right barrels for each varietal to properly age, and reach its full potential.
Care and patience go into every step of our winemaking process, allowing for us to hand craft award winning wines that that any wine drinker can enjoy.